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Our History

FERMOR started in 2000 when the owner William Mortari, together with another partner,
opened a small workshop to produce and prepare parts of machineries for companies located in our area,
which has always been strongly connected to textile industry.

From 2009 to 2013, FERMOR cooperated strictly with another finishing machineries company:
not only to develop and produce machines, but also to install and teach people how to use them, worldwide.

In 2014 the cooperation with the above-mentioned company finished.
FERMOR moved to a small estate located in Verdello, to start study and produce its very own finishing machines, mostly for HT fibers and ropes.
Having the possibility to study our own machines gave us the possibility to focus on each part of the coating process,
running tests and improving the knowhow necessary to develop good and reliable lines.

In the beginning, production of the parts was made outside, through contractors, but in the end of August 2015 the company moved to our actual factory located in Zanica.
This bigger company gave us the possibility to bring our production process back into our workshop,
in order to overview the quality and improve the control of each part produced for our machines.

Nowadays, we are able to produce 90% of the parts of the machines inside, through our first-class workmanship and tools-machines.
On the other hand, in case of busy periods, we can always count on good quality companies that can help with the production of the parts;
while some other processes (varnishing, laser cut) are still made outside.

2018 has been entirely dedicated to company improvement: in January the company has been transformed to a LLC,
machine tools park has been improved, quality process has been started (ISO 9001 audit will take placed in beginning of 2019)
and FERMOR listed in some important associations (LIA, ACIMIT).

Plans for the future include the improvement of our presence worldwide,
supported by reliable and competent agents and the cooperation with some of the companies connected with rope construction process,
to be able to give customers a plus service, based on cooperation and support.

Viale del Lavoro, 2
24050 - Spirano (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 42
24050 - Zanica (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
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