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Special Application Machines :
       Coating machine for shoe laces and ribbons - suitable for
           water- repellent and other applications
         - Up to 2 laces to be processed at the same time
      - Hot Air Drying



Waxing Machines :   
          Waxing machines for braided threads for hand/ machine stitching
             - From 10 to 48 ends to be treated at the same time   
              - Forced Air / Air- conditioned cooling   

 Polishing Machines for Shoe Laces :
        Polishing machine for classic shoe laces
         - Up to 4 laces to be processed at the same time
         - Infrared Drying
         - Multi- polishing brushes



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Shoe Lace Decorating Machines :
     Special Machine to make fashion finishing on shoe laces
     (aged, spots, ruined...)      
      - Just for one lace per time
      - With spray guns, felts and stone brushes


Viale del Lavoro, 2
24050 - Spirano (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 42
24050 - Zanica (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
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