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Our Production

                                                        YARN TREATMENT
          Production area that includes machines to treat  natural / synthetica for sewing
                            purposes (bonding, waxing, polishing, stretching).



                                 TECHNICAL TEXTILE
Growing production area that includes coating and stretching  
         machines for High Tenacity fibers, ropes and belts.


Small production area that includes coating process of synthetic yarn used
     for medical purposes (suture threads) or cosmetics (dental floss).


 Small capsule production focused to develop fashion latest trends in
                             footwear industry, mostly in shoelaces.


Viale del Lavoro, 2
24050 - Spirano (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 42
24050 - Zanica (BG) Italy
+39 0354191383
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